You Can’t Find Me on Amazon and Here’s Why

As some of you most likely have noticed, I am no longer published on Amazon – you’ll find a few of my paperback titles, but not much more than that.  Amazon severed our relationship without any useful information and no re-course of action for me to take.  All that I know is I was kicked to the curb and it’s not a great feeling.

I will say, however, that the outpouring support I have been receiving from my fans has been my saving grace and I’ve never felt so inspired as I do now.

Since I had to move on (which could be a permanent move – sorry KU Subscribers), I have begun publishing many of my books on KOBO and Google Play.  Some of my series are available on Amazon still, but you won’t find them on my Amazon profile.  You can, however, find a few of my co-authored projects on the profiles of those I have co-authored with.  Those include Erin Bedford (Her Angels and Starcrossed Dragons Series) and J.L. Hendricks (The FBI Dragon Chronicles).  I am working on making more of my co-authored projects available.

Unfortunately for those who are avid listeners, my audible profile consists of three titles (currently) and it’s not likely that my prior titles will be available anytime soon.  Amazon is withholding my rights to these titles for the foreseeable future.

Over the past few weeks, I haven’t been publishing anything new because I am trying to figure out my next steps towards getting you my books and I appreciate your patience and understanding.  Once this mess is resolved, I’ll be back to work.

I will be making updates to my Facebook Group as I learn more and as I publish in other venues – but thank you all for your support and encouragement.  It would have been tougher on my ego if you guys didn’t care.

17 thoughts on “You Can’t Find Me on Amazon and Here’s Why”

  1. According to a member of Storyteller Michael-Scott Earle’s cool club for cool people:

    “Hey all, after four hours I finally spoke with people in upper management at Amazon. Apparently they adjusted their copyright infringement software in the recent past, and they are trying to work out the bugs. According to them the most recent book was what caused the issue. Something about to many references to copyrighted material. They seem to be aware of the issues, and are trying to fix them. According to them his account should be back in a week or two as they are trying to get other authors back up as well.”

    Apparently one of your books must have tripped their software. So many authors were flagged that there is a backlog as they work on it.

  2. Wow… I’m sorry to hear that. I do have a kobo account though, so I will look for you there.

  3. I am severely disappointed. I am a voracious reader and love your work I wish you the best and hope to hear soon where to find more of your good storytelling.

  4. Keep on trooping my man! I LOVE ur books, and think you’re a fantastic author and storyteller! Keep up the good work, and be assured that I WILL be picking up your books when u can publish again. Best wishes and luck!! Dan

  5. Smashwords is a very good platform to publish your books on since it has a good chunk of readers. It doesn’t have as many as amazon (not sure any current platform does), but it’s pretty decent, and some other popular authors use it as well, including Christine Kathrine Rusch with her diving universe novels, which is generally where I get my copies of said books. It’s a bit of a pain to adhere to all of their publishing standards such as formatting and such, but once it’s done, folks get multiple formats for no additional cost, which is only a win for you.

  6. I cant fathom how upset you and others feel right now. I truly love your books and ive never liked reading. Please dont stop writing. You have a magical talent that will overcome. I know i believe in your work as well as the rest of your fans. Best of luck to you!

  7. I had FINALLY saved up enough to buy some extra credits the day you got kicked. I thought I was going crazy when I couldnt find anything! It really sucks, because I like what I heard of your audiobooks. I wrote to Amazon expressing my frustration, as I know lots of other people did. Hopefully this will be resolved!

  8. The whole situation completely blows goats, man. On another note, are you planning on doing any more of the Spell Slinger series? Feels like it got cut off at a cliffhanger.

  9. Just left a complaint with KU. Don’t know if it will amount to anything. I’ll check back in a bit and see if things have improved for you and some other folks I read there. If not I’ll cancel my service. I will also look for your books elsewhere.

  10. Well this is not good. I just got The Builder’s vol 1 and 2 from audible. I was looking forward to hearing more of your work. This news saddens me.

  11. This is total bs and has really hindered my audiobook options. I wish I would have grabbed more of yours before they did this. How will I get new audiobooks of yours??

  12. Sad to hear about that but what’s going to happen to your audio books I always listen to the while I was working I am sad to hear about it I was looking forward to the next the pen is mightier 2 book audiobook it was only after I was looking to find out why that book wasn’t out that I found out that you your other Audible books were gone

  13. WTF?!? Umm, I believe that Amazon can decide not to continue selling something, but unless they are the publisher and editor they cannot stop you from selling them under another publisher, obviously as you are doing so… Their arrangement with Audible might bight you on the ass… I hope your lawyer has a lot of experience dealing with such garbage as they will get it lost in red tape. I hope the Audible versions of your works get put back up. Is their a comprehensive listing for all of your previously published works in all medias? Will you be sending any to Hollywood for further marketing? Seriously, some of them would convert well over to both the Large and Small Screen releases. Heck, you have enough of a fan base to talk to Netflix or another venue…

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