Audiobooks Available on Bandcamp

After researching different avenues to replace audible and get my audiobooks back out to you awesome fans, I’ve settled on a pretty great distributor called Bandcamp. It took a few months for me to get the rights for audio distribution, so I apologize for the delay.

Bandcamp is really easy to join and you can purchase my audiobooks for around $11.99 each, and stream them from your phone using the Bandcamp app. You can even send an audiobook as a gift to brighten someone’s day.

Currently, 15 of my audiobooks are available for purchase and that includes:

Kill it with Magic, Maverick, Soulstone (books 1-3), Star Conqueror, Super Human, The Legendary Building (books 1-6) and The Pen is Mightier (books 1-2).

I am in the process of recording other books and waiting to get the audio rights for others, so if you follow me on Bandcamp, you will be alerted when those are available for purchase.

Please visit if you are interested in purchasing any of my audiobooks.

Thank you for your dedication and support and I can’t wait to get my audiobooks back out where they belong (to my awesome fans).

-J.A. Cipriano

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