Announcements: Online Store & Patreon !

Where to begin…

I guess I’ll start by thanking you for getting this far & sticking with me on my journey as a self-published author. I’ve learned a lot of tough lessons *ahem, the Amazon fiasco where I was hardcore censored, but I’ve also grown as a writer and have gotten through several major derailing hurdles.

As you probably know, I write books where men kick ass, take names, and bang all the girls. Why? Because, sometimes, men just want to read about being a badass who can do those things. And that’s not really the IN thing right now. Amazon said I couldn’t write books where men were heroes. They aren’t exactly high literature, but they’re fun as hell and a phenomenal distraction from…other things happening in the world right now.

So, in an effort to circumvent mainstream avenues, and essentially keep control of my own books/audiobooks, I’ve discovered how to publish/sell my books in a faster, more direct way: on my author website. I recently added most of my solo projects, in addition to a few of my collaborative ones with J.B. Garner and Conner Kressley. It’s easy to visit, browse & purchase from my site.

Which brings me to my next announcement: PATREON!

I want to write books for you to read in real-time, and this is my way to try to do that. Currently, I’m working on:

The Hammer 3

The Pen is Mightier 4

The Thrice Cursed Mage 7

Super Human 4

The Forsaken Mage 2

You can subscribe w/a monthly membership and receive exclusive access to these new projects at different prices, from $5-$30. I’ve started to release a few chapters & plan on making weekly content available to most of my subscribers! Please visit my Patreon to learn more! Each membership offers a little something different.

So, check out my author website & Patreon

& thank you for your continued support!

-J.A. Cipriano

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