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Roger had everything. With his magic pen that makes anything he writes become reality, fantastic wealth, and a tight-knit group of gorgeous, incredible women, there wasn’t much more he could ask for … until he decides to turn that amazing pen towards helping the people of Las Vegas with a charity hospital.

Unfortunately, Roger quickly finds out that there may be one thing stronger than his pen: red tape. Threatened by Roger’s efforts, a greedy billionaire with fingers in every pie and half the government in his pocket will do anything to keep the fat cats on top and the downtrodden, well, trodden down. From assassins, mud-slinging, and even the dreaded health inspector, no tactic is too slimy.

With the gauntlet thrown, Roger will pull out all the stops to bring the power back to the people, even if if he has to take down the entire U.S. government to do it!

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The only place more thrilling than Las Vegas is the secret city of magic underneath it, and Seth Wyatt has all the skills to make his mark there. Namely, a perfect poker face, fast hands, a way with the ladies, and a magic white tiger.

And this year, he’s eligible to enter the exclusive Four Skulls poker tournament where the winner gets a prize of unimaginable power.

There’s just a couple of problems. Namely the soul-stealing dark elf that Seth won a powerful magic artifact from and last year’s tournament winner who doesn’t want Seth to make it to the tournament alive …
But to Seth, it all just means he’s going to be able to test his luck and magic against a decent challenge.

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Armed with his trusty hammer, the King’s Champion Gharrik Anzar is known for two things: Slaying his enemies and conquering women.

But when a portal to another world opens in the middle of his homeland and monsters begin to pour through, he’ll have a new mission.

Step through the portal, kill everything that stands in his way, and stop whoever is sending the monsters through.
There’s just one problem.

He can’t bring anything through the portal, and the technology on the other si

de is… well… lacking.

In order to win, he’ll have to build an army out those he finds on the other side, outfit them with weapons and armor they’ve never seen before, and then march them through a battalion of undead, orcs, and ogres.

It sounds impossible, but if it didn’t, they wouldn’t send the hammer.

Please Note: This Novel contains a Harem.

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The Final Battle is Here.

When Arthur found a magic sword in a pawnshop, he never thought it would make him into the Builder of Legend and thrust him into the forefront of the fight with the Darkness.

Now, to finally put an end to the destruction of everything, Arthur and his girls will have to hold the lines against the Darkness’s final assault while defeating the Four Horsemen, freeing God from captivity, and of course, confronting the Empress.

Sure, the odds might be stacked against him, but if there’s anyone who can do it, it’s the penniless orphan turned King of Heaven and Hell.

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Audiobook available on bandcamp

When Mickey beat the world’s greatest supervillain and saved the city, he expected a lot of things. Fame, fortune, girls … but he never expected to find himself targeted by a vicious mad scientist desperate to take over the world.

Now, he, along with his new friends, will have to pull together if they want to fight off the clone army besieging his city.

There’s just one problem.

To win the day, Mickey will have to use powers he didn’t even know he had, infiltrate an underground base filled with bloodthirsty mutants, and defeat an indestructible enemy.

It might be tough, but if there’s one thing Mickey knows how to do, it’s kick ass and get the girl.

And he’s already got the girls …

Please Note: This book contains a harem.

Available Now on KOBO, Google Play, NOOK and iTunes

The Second Installment in the Star Conqueror series!

When David Briggs became a dragon, he never realized that he’d have the power to break the cruel chains binding the universe’s most powerful, and beautiful, warriors to their vicious high priestess.

Now, having freed the Left Hand of the High Priestess, he’ll set his eyes on a prize so great it could turn the tide of war, and what’s more, it’s guarded by a woman so fierce, freeing her may be an even greater prize.

For most anyone else, that would be impossible, but when you’re a dragon, it’s just means more payback is coming.

Please Note: This book contains a harem.

Available Now on KOBO, Google Play, NOOK and iTunes

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