Blood and Treasure (The Half-Demon Warlock, Book 3)


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So I saved the girl and what did I get for it?

A one way trip to Hell.

And that’s not even the worst thing because, turns out, Hell doesn’t want me.

Story of my life, right?

So what’d those demonic bastards do?

Sent me back to earth.

Only while it’s been just a few weeks for me, seven years has passed on earth.

Seven. Years.

Now there’s a coven of warlocks living in my house, my girl has turned into a Greek goddess, and my best friend has found a new best friend.

Oh, and a nightmare creature hewn from the depths of Hell is trying to kill them all.
And you know what the kicker is? The thing that really pisses me off?

If I kill the nightmare creature and save my friends, I’ll unleash the apocalypse.

My name’s Roy Morgan. Welcome to my life.