Mind Games (The Lillim Callina Chronicles, Book 6)



Sometimes the voices in your head are real.

Lillim Callina is crazy, at least, that’s what the doctors tell her. Still, despite their insistence that everything is normal, that monsters don’t really hide under the bed and werewolves don’t really howl at the moon, Lillim can’t shake the feeling they’re just plain wrong.

So what’s a girl just released from a mental hospital to do? Pretend. And that’s what Lillim does. Pretend everything is normal. Pretend her school is real. Pretend the cute boy is really walking with her down the hall. Pretend her mother isn’t really dead.

Because if she doesn’t, they’ll toss her back in crazy jail and throw away the key. If that happens, there will be no way for her to escape, assuming, of course, that she isn’t actually crazy.