Star Conqueror: The Complete Series (e-book)

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Star Conqueror

What would you do if an evil empress was enslaving the galaxy? Well, kick her ass, free the slaves, and roar defiantly. Well, you would if you were a dragon.

When David Briggs beats the final level of Star Conqueror, that’s exactly what happens to him. Gaining the power to become a fire-breathing dragon and recruited by alien freedom fighters, he has one chance to save the galaxy.

There’s just one problem.

To stop her, he will have to break the mind control of a million super-hot female warriors, storm a hundred planets, and fight through armies of mechs.

Then again, you know what they say, if you want to save the world, you better bring a dragon.

Please Note: This novel contains a harem. You have been warned.

Star Conqueror: Recompense

When David Briggs became a dragon, he never realized that he’d have the power to break the cruel chains binding the universe’s most powerful, and beautiful, warriors to their vicious high priestess.

Now, having freed the Left Hand of the High Priestess, he’ll set his eyes on a prize so great it could turn the tide of war, and what’s more, it’s guarded by a woman so fierce, freeing her may be an even greater prize.

For most anyone else, that would be impossible, but when you’re a dragon, it’s just means more payback is coming.

Please Note: This book contains a harem.