Super Human (Super Human, Book 1)

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Beat the Bad Guys. Take their powers. Save the world.

When Mickey stepped into that bar, he never expected to find out he was the most powerful superhero the world had ever seen.

But when footage of him beating up the strongest hero, and biggest bully, in the tristate area goes viral, suddenly the world can’t get enough of him.

Now villains are challenging him, the hero society is ringing his line off the hook, and the endorsements? Well, they’re second only in size to his burgeoning fan club.

And since none of their super powers work on him, he’s never been closer to the top than ever before.

There’s just one problem.

The world’s greatest villain has returned from the dead, and he’s set his sights on making Mickey his first victim.

Please Note: This novel contains a harem. You have been warned.

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